Vote for Dan for Port Commissioner Position #3.  

Dan Barnes has been a resident of Vancouver for over 30 years.  In his career as a CPA, he has assisted clients buying selling and operating businesses for 39 years.  Additionally he has founded, operated and sold several businesses. He currently sits on the board of or is a partner in several local businesses. Dan’s experience in business and finance will help him reconnect the Port of Vancouver with its tenants and help keep Vancouver’s port competitive.
Born in the Northwest, Dan has as love for the beautiful environment for which we are all responsible. In the great PNW, Dan has enjoyed decades of Boy Scouts, hiking, fishing and boating down the Columbia. Our uniquely clean land and water deserve experienced stewardship.

As a CPA of over 30 years, Dan understands the  environment that makes doing business at the Port of Vancouver advantageous. He understands budgets, expenses, leases, client relationships and, above all accountability.

Cheers to a happier, healthier Vancouver!

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